Monday, April 22, 2013

Oviparous Animals

Our oviparous animal unit started out with a visit from my pet cockatiel, Pierre.  
(Truthfully, he is my husband's bird, as I am actually afraid of flying birds.) :) 

We discussed what it means to be an oviparous animal, and how those animals are different than the animals that are born alive. 

This is perfect book to introduce this topic:

Then it was time to make some egg collages.  Each child decorated an egg with any material that they saw fit.  Then they drew an oviparous animal that could have hatched from that egg. 

We hung them on the bulletin board, though you can barely see the animals.  There's a lot going on on those eggs!

These materials came from this unit.  The kids sorted oviparous/not oviparous animals...
...and we also had a scavenger hunt where they had to find the clues and then match the animal pictures to the correct clue.  

The Pet Egg Journals were simply wonderful!
Thanks for helping your child work on the journal all week.  

Check out these awesome animals that the kids made! I was so impressed by their creativity and attention to detail. I could really tell the level of comprehension on this topic!


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Catching Up

Sorry for neglecting this blog so badly! 

I have been working really hard on the brand new St. Matthew Lutheran Preschool website.  Click here to visit the new site.  You might see some pictures of your child!

And to catch up on the past month, here are a bunch of pictures of what we've been doing:
St. Patrick's Day color mixing

A visit from Children's Dentistry Group in Lake Zurich for the 4 year old class...

Matching letters on Easter eggs...

 Making Resurrection Rolls... Yum!

 The marshmallow has disappeared!