Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Catching up on Mother's Day

I guess I need to start this post by going all the way back to Mother's Day.  You may have heard that my mom came to visit from Michigan to help us with our Mother's Day projects.  She brought all her fancy photography equipment with her. She took backlit pictures of the kids, and then used the computer to change the image into a silhouette.  Here she is sending those images to her cutting machine:
We painted the mats using different combinations of colors. 
Can you tell who is who?
To make the cards, I had the kids partner up. One partner held the silhouette while the other used a sponge brush to paint around it. 
They turned out pretty well!
I hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day gift! I know the kids put a lot of work into making them. 

In other news, a giant floor clock has been hanging out in our room lately.  We've been learning about telling time. I was very happy with how well they picked up telling time down to five minute increments! 
We also used mini clocks at our seats for more time telling practice.  Now we've moved on to calendar and time estimation skills.  

It may be the end of the school year, but we're still packing in the learning in first grade!


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