Sunday, September 22, 2013

Alligator Pie

Every Monday afternoon, the we integrate two of Mrs. Webster's favorite things into our and reading! This past week, we focused on this book...
...and we mixed up some alligator pie!
 How do you make alligator pie? Click here to find out the secret recipe. 
We always do a fun literacy activity while we're waiting for our food to cook (or in this case, cool). On Monday, we made the letter A into an alligator!
On Tuesday, the three year olds used sand and glue in a craft that promotes fine motor skills. 
 This poking activity also strengthens small muscles. 
 The fours are in the process of making "God's Colorful World" books.  They have colored nine different small pictures that they will cut out and glue in a book about colors.  They will be able to read this book to you at home!
 We also worked a lot on names this week. Each child wrote his/her first and last name to the best of their ability, and then spelled it out using magnetic letters. (The threes spelled their first names only.) I have to say that they all worked really hard at this!
{I have blurred out last names in this picture.}

We are looking forward to a fun week learning about colors!


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