Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Yesterday was our fantastic Valentine's Day party! We made bags for our Valentines...

...played a game that involved frosting on the nose...
...and picking up hearts with that frosting covered nose...
...and ate tons of yummy snacks!
The kids shared lots of love with each other. 

The poem we're reading this week is about Valentine's Day, too:
Speaking of reading, I love this time of year because first graders can read so well! They're able to put all the skills and sounds we've been learning all year to use and read with such fluency and comprehension.  I hope you're hearing this at home, as well. The stories in our reading books are getting so long that it's hard to finish them during our reading time, so you'll see the reading book coming home more and more.  Your child should be able to read the stories independently. 

On a different note, the silent auction this past weekend was a huge success. Thank you to  everyone who donated items or time for this event. As a teacher, I am so appreciative for all the work the PTL does to create a better environment for our students.  The kids really do benefit directly from all that hard work!

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