Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pledge of Allegiance Freebie!

When I saw Erin Bradley's super cute 4th of July papers, I just had to make something with them! I will be teaching the Pledge of Allegiance to students who will be learning it for the first time this year.  So, I made these cute posters with Erin's papers. Click on the picture to get your copy from Teacher's Notebook, or click on my sidebar to go to TpT. 

I love putting dots or small stickers under words on posters and on poems and songs in the pocket chart. When I teach whatever is on the poster, I use a pointer to point to each dot.  Eventually, I allow the kids to come up and "read" whatever is on the poster, and the dots help them track the print and develop one-to-one correspondence.  I added the dots to the pledge because we'll be saying it every day and it can become a learning tool!

Because I work in a Christian school, I also created similar posters for the pledge to the Christian flag. Click here to download!


  1. Thanks for the comment on Our Little Monkeys :)

    I just popped over to see if I could figure out what grade level you teach (curiousity...) and saw that you teach at a Christian school. That's how I spent 9 wonderful years as 2nd grade teacher...good memories! :)

  2. I should add - I think I might print your pledges. We haven't added that to our calendar wall yet, as we don't have a flag. I'm hoping to find a little one around Labor Day so we can start saying the pledge together at home! Thanks for making these!