Sunday, September 16, 2012


This week was all about friends.  Everyone is still getting used to school and all the new faces and routines, so we spent a while reading about friends and how they treat each other. 

Mrs. Malon read this great book to the class:
I have to say that everyone in both classes is getting along swimmingly! We have two fantastic groups of children in our preschool!

We also spent some time cutting and gluing.  The 4 year olds got to practice cutting animals out of magazines:

 And the 3 year olds got to practice using small dots of glue.  In the words of the monster on this paper, "A little dot holds a lot!"

This week's theme (September 17 - 21) is going to be "All About Me".  The 3 year old class will be making a class book about themselves, and the 4 year old class will be creating miniature versions of themselves.  We'll also start sending home the mystery box this week!


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