Monday, September 24, 2012

All About Me

Sorry this post is a little late! Last week's theme was All About Me.  In order to celebrate the uniqueness of each member of our classroom, the students created paper people to look like themselves.  
The 3 y/o class made wooden puppets to look like themselves. 

Both classes got to share their snack placemats in front of their classmates.
These placemats will be great conversation starters at snack time.  Thanks for being so creative with them! They turned out really nice. 
 Some of the books we read last week were:

The book You're Wonderful by Debbie Clement is also a song.  We read the book, then learned the sign language to go along with the song.  Click here to see a video of Debbie Clement leading a group of people in the song.  I have met Debbie a few times, and she is a huge inspiration for me.  She writes songs and books specifically for preschoolers.  This particular song is one that we'll be using all year to instill confidence and provide affirmation.

We've also been having a fantastic time in music class! On top of singing, Mr. Schuman has been kind enough to let us play his chimes, drums, and bowls.  What fun!
The chimes in action:
This week's theme is the story of Creation.  Both classes are working on week-long projects that will demonstrate their knowledge of the story. 


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