Thursday, October 11, 2012


Apple season is just about done, but we sure had fun learning about them last week!  

Mrs. Malon read the story about the little red house with no doors or windows and a star inside.  Click here if you've never heard it.  
 Here's the star inside the apple!
An apple counting/number recognition activity... 
 We also made cinnamon apples!
First, we had to peel and cut a bunch all those apples.  Fortunately, Mrs. Malon brought in a handy apple peeler that the kids could use.  

 We used an electric skillet to cook them.  They smelled so good!
 Here are some students enjoying the fruits of their labor!
 To top it all off, we also did marble painting on apple shapes.  

This week has been all about bats! We have enjoying learning what bats eat, how they find they food, their different parts, and how they are different than birds.  

Our Halloween parties will be on Tuesday, October 30 and Wednesday, October 31 (depending on which class your child is in).  I will have sign up sheets for volunteers and treats next week.  


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