Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Five Senses

Every day, students in our afternoon session focus on a skill or a specific topic, and do an activity related to it.  Recently, we were discussing our five senses.  Here are some of the projects we did to learn about those senses:

We explored our sense of touch by reading a story about a chicken and discussing what feathers feel like.  Then we practiced coloring and gluing skills while decorating some very colorful hens.  

Some of our sight activities included this eye color graph
and these sensory bottles.  When using the sensory bottles, students are exploring mediums, looking for letters, naming shapes, comparing viscosity, and listening for differences in sound.
In case you're wondering, here are the contents of the bottles, from left to right:
*Orange dish soap and letter confetti
*Water, pony beads, glitter
*Hot water mixed with glitter, glitter glue, and corn syrup
*Rice and small plastic animals

After learning about our tongues and the different areas that taste different things, we did a taste test of salty, sweet, sour, and bitter foods.  
Although I forgot to take a picture, we made a graph about each child's favorite food from the taste test.  No one preferred the lemon, but the sweet marshmallows, the bitter chocolate, and the salty potato chips each got a few votes.  

I found an excellent recipe for Jello Play Dough here. It required only a little hot water from the microwave, so it was easy to make in the classroom.  
We mixed it up...
 and used lots of flour to make it less sticky.
 We used strawberry banana jello, and it smelled yummy!
 The kids got to play with it and then take their own ball of dough home.  

Mr. Schuman gave us a nice lesson on sound, and then let us use his instruments.  

We are busy in the afternoons!  
Every student is welcome to stay every afternoon!


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