Monday, January 21, 2013

Preschool Daily News

One of my favorite ways to incorporate important literacy skills is through our Preschool Daily News.  
 As you might guess, this is a daily occurrence in our classroom; it's part of our circle time routine.  Each day, I pull two names from a cup and I ask those children to think of something they would like to share with the class.  It can be whatever they are thinking about at the time. 

I write their thought on the "newspaper".   As I am writing, I am sounding out the words, and asking for help with the initial sounds.  Later in the year, I will talk about punctuation and the difference between letters and symbols.  

After everything is written, I have another child come up and point to the words with a pointer as the class "reads" the messages together.  

We do this in both the three and four year old classes.  Even though these children are still in the pre-reading stage, this activity provides many benefits, including:
*print tracking skills
*one-to-one correspondence
*showing students that their words have importance and they can be written down
*seeing how letters are formed (discuss some of the letters as you write them)
*initial sound practice
*name recognition practice
*helps students get to know each other
*demonstrates value of each individual's thoughts

Ask your child what was in the daily news today!

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