Wednesday, January 23, 2013


There may not be snow outside, but we have been celebrating winter for the past couple weeks in our classroom!
The 4s class made some adorable snowmen:

 We played in "snow" (shaving cream):

 Everyone made a snowflake for our bulletin board. 
(Come on, snow, we're ready for you!)
In the 3 year old class, we talked about what clothes you should wear in the snow (or cold), and what clothes are warm weather clothes.  
We sorted pictures of the clothes in the pocket chart:

We read this great book that talks about all the clothes one might wear to play outside when it's cold.

On another note, Mr. Schuman has been teaching all the students the dragon dance in preparation for the Chinese New Year! 
He has taught us a special song to sing as we carry the dragon and dance around.  

So much fun!


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