Sunday, February 3, 2013


 Have you ever felt penguin blubber?

 One of the things we focused on when we learned about penguins is how they stay warm when they swim in the cold water and live in the cold air.  
This "Blubber Bag" is the perfect way to see how blubber works.  
First, the kids stick their hand in the ice alone.  It's cold!
Next, they stick their hand in the bag (which is really two bags with lard in between them).  It's a little chilly, but the fat definitely blocks the icy feel. 
 We did this in both classes.  You can see the red bowl of ice being passed around.
We also went ice fishing!
And here we are doing a class favorite, the Penguin Dance! (by Jack Hartmann)
Click on this video to see Jack and friends singing the song:
We also made these cuties:
The four year olds made these:
 And the 3 year olds made these:


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