Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fun in February

Here are some of the activities we've been doing lately:

Making patterns with foam shapes
Using heart-shaped punches to trace names

Using shape stampers in the play dough 
 Making Valentine's Day number books by putting the right number of stickers on each page 

 Making patterns with foam shapes
 Sorting objects with the initial sounds /p/ and /s/
 We learned the Bible story about Jesus healing the blind man. When Jesus performed this  miracle, he mixed saliva with dirt to make mud to place on the man's eyes.  In preschool, we made faces on paper and then made mud to put on the eyes. 

 Some of us chose to use a little bit of mud...
 ...while others used a lot! 

 Painting a giant heart with sponges
 Searching for matching hearts in the sensory bin

 Mr. Potato head
 Transferring water beads (the kind you use in floral arrangements) from the bowl to the hearts.
 Transferring is important for developing fine motor skills, focus, and concentration.
 On Thursday and Friday this past week, we learned about The Body. This fun costume goes over a child's head and shows approximately where each part would be on their real body. Plus, the parts are removable with velcro, so the kids can take them off and play with them. 
 We made people puppets to go along with the body theme. 

 This is Sam. He has been helping us learn about the body. 
 We used Sam's skeletal system to learn about bones. His bones are removable, which makes him fun and interactive! 
The kids did a great job of placing Sam's organs properly! You can even see his brain on top of his skull. 


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