Sunday, February 9, 2014


I apologize for completely neglecting the blog during the month of January! Despite the fact that the weather is terribly cold and we just had a busy holiday season, January is actually a very busy month for preschool teachers. This is when we start getting ready for next year. Next year! Enrollment for preschool and elementary school is now open, so I would appreciate you telling your friends about our programs. 

I did take a lot of pictures over the past few weeks, so here we go:

Celebrating Epiphany with the 3 Wise Men
 Matching and folding socks

 Building towers

 Matching upper and lower case letters

 Sorting objects by determining their initial sound
 Making snowmen with Model Magic
 Penguins + Insta Snow!
 Matching mittens and clipping them on the clothesline
 Painting with ice and powdered tempera

 Winter counting books

 Making hibernation books

 Painting with cool colors

 Pastor Kinne and Ladel came by for a visit. Pastor read Are You My Mother? in the silliest voices!
 Ladel dropped by on her own later that week, and she inspired our little artists to draw some portraits. We also practiced writing her name. 

 Using Wikki Sticks to make letters

 We went snowing during Lutheran Schools Week.  Boy, was it windy!

 Practicing one-to-one correspondence

 Our Christmas Feast/Pajama Day (on January 31)

 This is one of our new favorite activities. These dice have words on each side, and depending on how you roll them, you end up doing some pretty silly things! 

 Snowball fight!

 This is one of my favorite Valentine's Day books:
We made the lion from the front cover on Friday

 We also made Valentines for the church's shut-ins. 
We read this book, which was a nice tie-in.  The characters in the story pass out Valentines to their neighbors, who happen to be sick and elderly. We talked about howValentines, or cards in general, can  make people feel. 
 It was Ladel's birthday this week, so we sang her Happy Birthday and gave her a treat on Friday.
 Matching upper and lowercase letters

Also, this is long overdue on my part, but Mrs. Peterson asked me to post this message of thanks from Christmas:

A special "Thank You" to all for the Christmas gift of the white ramekins and the dark chocolate toffee popcorn. Have not used the ramekins yet, but can tell you that the popcorn is almost gone!
    (I) look forward to the time each Wednesday and Friday when  am helping Lora in the Pre-School, and love each and every one of the children. 
fondly, Jane


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